Weekly Actual Nclex Question Bank

Sunday, February 20, 2011

NCLEX for RN - Leadership and Management (11-15)

NCLEX for RN about Leadership and Management

11. A nursing student is developing a plan of care for a client with a chest tube that is attached to a Pleur-Evac drainage system. The nurse intervenes if the student writes which incorrect intervention in the plan?

a) position the client in semi-fowler's position
b) add water to the suction chamber as it evaporates
c) tape the connection sites between the chest tube and the drainage system
d) instruct the client to avoid coughing and deep breathing

12. A nurse is caring for a client who has just had a plaster leg cast applied. The nurse would plan to prevent the development of compartment syndrome is instructing the licensed practical nurse assigned to care for the client to:

a) elevate the limb and apply ice to the affected leg
b) elevate the limb and cover the limb with bath blankets
c) place the leg in a slightly dependent  position and apply ice to the affected leg
d) keep the leg horizontal and apply ice to the affected leg

13. A registered nurse (RN) is supervising a licensed practical nurse (LPN) administering an intramuscular (IM) injection of iron to an assigned client. The RN would intervene if the LPN is observed to perform which of the following?

a) changing the needle after drawing up the dose and before injection
b) preparing an air lock when drawing up the medication
c) using a Z-track method for injection
d) massaging the injection site after injection

14. A nursing student develops a plan of care for a client with paraplegia who has a risk for injury related to spasticity of the leg muscles. On reviewing the plan, the co-assigned nurse identifies which of the following as an incorrect intervention.

a) use of padded restraints to immobilize the limb
b) performing range of motion to the affected limbs
c) removing potentially harmful objects near the spastic limbs
d) use of prescribed muscle relaxants as needed

15. A registered nurse (RN) is observing a licensed practical nurse (LPN) preparing a client for treatment with a continuous passive motion (CPM) machine. Which observation by the RN would indicate that the LPN is performing an incorrect action?

a) places the client's knee in a slightly externally rotated position
b) keeps the client's knee at the hinged joint of the machine
c) assesses the client for pressure areas at the knee and the groin
d) checks the degree of extension and flexion and the speed of the CPM machine per the physician's orders


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