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Friday, January 28, 2011

Vermont Nurse NCLEX License Renewal

Vermont NCLEX License Renewal is due this March 31, 2011 and a lot of nurses are asking me how to do it. Well, the Vermont License renewal is not that hard, really. Here’s what you should do:NCLEX Application in Vermont

Vermont NCLEX Renewal Steps

Download Vermont License Renewal form and fill it up. The renewal form is not yet available online, Vermont Board of Nursing is still updating it for 2011 -2013 cycle. I’ll post it here once it is ready.

Attach payment of $95 in bank draft, check (US currency, withdrawable from banks with US affiliate) payable to ‘Office of the Secretary of State‘.

For international nurses, attach a copy of passport in lieu of SSN.

Notes on Vermont RN License renewal:

The renewal application fee is non-refundable. If the renewal

application is postmarked after the current expiration date you will be required to pay a late renewal penalty. The penalty is $25.00 for renewals submitted less than 30 days late. Thereafter, the penalty increases by $5.00 for every additional month or fraction of a month, not to exceed $100.00.

If you have had a name change please attach a copy of the marriage license, civil union license or section of divorce degree granting you the authority to change your name.

Vermont NCLEX License Renewal is easy!