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Monday, January 31, 2011

CGFNS Makes changes in CES Report

New CGFNS-CES Reports introduced

CGFNS Credentials Evaluation Services (CES) announced the creation of two new CES reports designed to address specific needs, starting on February 1, 2011.CES application
These two new reports was named CES Professional Report and CES Academic Report, replacing CES Healthcare Profession and Science Report and CES Full Report, respectively.
The new CES Professional Report was designed to meet the specific requirements of individual state boards of nursing to provide a more comprehensive credentials evaluation of applicants educated outside the United States. This would also be helpful to employers, immigration attorneys and recruiters.
It also allows state boards of nursing to integrate their own requirements template, which includes a statement of comparability of an applicant’s education when measured against U.S. standards.
On the other hand, the new CES Academic Report was aimed to meet the needs of applicants pursuing further education in U.S. institutions of higher learning.
“We are genuinely grateful for the input that U.S. state boards of nursing have provided regarding their current and future assessment needs,” said Barbara L. Nichols, CEO, CGFNS International. “Technology enables us to continue to provide customized reports to meet the specific needs of recipient boards while keeping the cost affordable to the applicants.”
CES Academic and Professional Reports Application will only be accepted thru online application starting February 1, 2011. Also from that date on, CES applications for the discontinued Full Course-by-Course and Healthcare & Science reports will no longer be accepted. CES Professional Report costs $335 while CES Academic Report is $385.
Source: CGFNS website

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