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Monday, July 5, 2010

Filipino Nurses

by Sikat Ang Pinoy on April 25, 2010

Today, I decided to really give Filipino nurses all the credit they should have because of their extra ordinary skills that makes Philippines and all Filipinos around the world to be proud of them.

Nursing is quite a popular and most sought after career or course in the Philippines.  Nursing in the Philippines career really exploded by numbers. So many students, youth in general really thinks and believe that this is the career and the path they should take in this kind of times.

There are so many reasons why Filipinos really want to take the nursing path. Number one of those reasons is that this is an in demand and high paying nursing job abroad.

As we all know, nursing or Filipino nurses are in demand abroad. Rich and quite populated countries like United States, Canada and some European and UAE states prefer Filipino nurses because of the knowledge and the good heart they are showing at their job.

According to statistics, In the United States alone, the demand for nurses is estimated at 600,000 between now and 2020. This is such a huge number considering a large percentage of it will be coming from Philippines.

Also, because of this numbers and statistics, many Filipinos prefer to study here in the Philippines then later, work or apply as a nurse abroad. Also, it was also a common knowledge to all of us that some doctors are already diving in the nursing world for them to be able to work abroad.

Quality knowledge, a good and helping heart and very hardworking personality is what makes Filipino nurses stand out with other foreign nurses. This is a trait or personality that can’t be teached nor acquire through schools or by studying in a somewhat, state of the art facilities.

This is why I can say that nurses in the Philippines is a world class professionals. They just need to be taken care of by the Philippine government for them to showcases their talent and skills here in the Philippines before going abroad.

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