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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Nclex latest update from test taker

Actual nclex subjects/questions from a recent nclex taker at Pearson Vue Manila.

According to her, questions have strong resemblance from kaplan trainer. Bulk of questions about prioritization, delegation, infection control and medications.

1. Vardenafil - the effect is  just like sildenafil (viagra). It is contraindicated with the use of nitroglycerine.

2. What to expect in cvosteks?  - the correct choice is abnormal spasm of the facial muscles elicited by tapping the jaw.

3. Diverticulosis, what to asses?  - Answer is high fiber diet.

4. Patient with SLE, nsg health teaching?   Ans is photosensitivity

5. How to administer nitroglycerin spray?  - spray under the tongue

6. Manifestation of cushings?  - decrease serum calcium (hypocalcemia)

7.  What reflex is still present at 9 months old?  -  babinski reflex

8. Manifestation of lithium toxicity?  - nausea and vomiting

9. What is the use of st. john's wort?  -  for alzheimers disease

10. About fosamax..    -  taken on an empty stomach

This may come out in actual nclex.

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High Precision Nclex Questions

High Precision Actual Nclex Question

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Friday, January 28, 2011

Vermont Nurse NCLEX License Renewal

Vermont NCLEX License Renewal is due this March 31, 2011 and a lot of nurses are asking me how to do it. Well, the Vermont License renewal is not that hard, really. Here’s what you should do:NCLEX Application in Vermont

Vermont NCLEX Renewal Steps

Download Vermont License Renewal form and fill it up. The renewal form is not yet available online, Vermont Board of Nursing is still updating it for 2011 -2013 cycle. I’ll post it here once it is ready.

Attach payment of $95 in bank draft, check (US currency, withdrawable from banks with US affiliate) payable to ‘Office of the Secretary of State‘.

For international nurses, attach a copy of passport in lieu of SSN.

Notes on Vermont RN License renewal:

The renewal application fee is non-refundable. If the renewal

application is postmarked after the current expiration date you will be required to pay a late renewal penalty. The penalty is $25.00 for renewals submitted less than 30 days late. Thereafter, the penalty increases by $5.00 for every additional month or fraction of a month, not to exceed $100.00.

If you have had a name change please attach a copy of the marriage license, civil union license or section of divorce degree granting you the authority to change your name.

Vermont NCLEX License Renewal is easy!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

HAAD Exam for Nurses

If you intend to work for a nursing job in UAE, one of the requirements is passing the HAAD exam for nurses. HAAD or Health Authority-Abu Dhabi is the regulatory body for all healthcare related professions, including Nursing, in UAE.Haad exam for nurses

Just like NCLEX, HAAD exam is administered by Pearsonvue, and HAAD candidates can take it in any Pearsonvue Testing Centers around the world. If you’re a Filipino nurse, the you can take it in Pearson Test Center in Trident Tower, Makati.

Registration and Scheduling of HAAD exam

1. Go to http://www.pearsonvue.com/haad/capva/ and create a web account.

2. You are required to meet all of the eligibility criteria for nurses in order for your application to be accepted.

3. Wait for your username and password to be emailed to you within the next 48 hours. Be sure to check your junk/spam folders as Pearson mails could go to these folders.

4. Schedule your HAAD exam. You can do it online using the web account you created or via phone by calling Pearsonvue hotlines for HAAD exam.

5. Print your booking confirmation and bring it with you to the testing center. Candidates will receive a booking confirmation by email within 48 hours for the date and location that you will take the exam. If you do not receive the booking confirmation within 48 hours or if any of the information is erroneous, please contact Pearson VUE immediately thru phone or by email.

As I’ve mentioned at the outset, HAAD exam is just one of the requirements for licensure in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Check this Nursing Job in UAE posts for additional info on licensure requirements and job opportunity in UAE.

Nursing Jobs in UAE

Verdant Manpower Mobilization Center, a recruitment agency licensed by POEA, is in need of nurses for deployment in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates (UAE).Nursing Jobs Abu Dhabi

Benefits Package for Nursing Jobs in UAE includes:

  • Nurse Salary:
  • Staff Nurse-AED 5,025-AED 8,040 (depending on experience)

Charge Nurse – AED 9,000 – 11,100 (depending on experience)

1 AED(arab emirate Dirhams ) = P11.75- P12.20,depends on current exchange rate

  • Housing benefit:

Staff Nurse-AED 35,000-45,000/yr (depends on salary grade)

OR Housing allowance of AED 2000-3000/month if housing benefit not availed

Charge Nurse – AED 90,000/yr

  • Free hotel accommodation for the 1st 2 months
  • Free transportation OR transportation allowance if transpo not availed
  • Utilities allowance
  • Yearly airfare for the staff
  • Annual leave of 30 days/year


  • Educational Allowance
  • SN – AED 8,000/ child ( not more than 2 children)
  • CN – AED 20,000/yr
  • Furniture Allowance of AED 20,000 (once family is in UAE)- one time only


Qualifications for UAE Nursing Jobs:

These are Personal Qualification Requirements for staff nurses.

  • BSN degree
  • Current National License(PRC)
  • Preferrably with BLS, ACLS, PALS training relevant to area of specialty
  • NLT 4 years post graduate experience in appropriate and relevant health care settings i.e. primary health care, community, acute care, tertiary care, to include NLT 2 years experience in specialty area.

If you are interested in this nursing job in UAE, contact Verdant Manpower Mobilization Center at the following means:

Head Office:

Unit B, 2/F Criselda II Bldg,107 Scout De Guia Street, Brgy. Sacred Heart, Diliman,Quezon City 1103

Telephone Nos.:

+63 2 9297448 and +63 2 4158750

Branch Office:

Unit 206 Luz J Henson Bldg,

A Mabini St. Ermita Manila

Tel. Nos. (632)5218916, (632)4501738

Fax. No. (632)5275796

E-mail: verdantcenter@hotmail.com

Verdant Manpower Nursing Jobs

If you are qualified, apply in this nursing job openings in UAE now!